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Get a report, edit an employee time sheet, change a price, or create a new happy hour in seconds, without leaving the floor.

  • Dinerware can be scaled to handle a virtually unlimited number of terminals.
  • Designed to work well on a single inexpensive computer, so it can be used as a replacement for your register.
  • Extremely easy to use for both staff and managers.
  • Low maintenance. Software upgrades are a snap.
  • All management functions can be performed from any terminal, at any time.

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Ticket Handling  
Your interactive ticket is very powerful, yet fast and easy to use. You will experience reduced errors, increased staff productivity, and an enhanced level of customer service and satisfaction. All of which is money in the bank.
  • Learn how to handle tickets in 5 minutes.
  • The ticket shows all details, including choices and discounts.
  • Instantly create a new ticket by simply choosing a menu item.
  • Enter and pay for bar drinks quickly. No "fast bar" mode required.
  • Split tickets.
  • Share Items.
  • Combine tickets.
  • Add new people to a ticket at any time. Great for informal groups dining in the bar!
  • Transfer tickets between servers.
  • Change tables.
  • One-touch item repeat is great for bartenders.
  • Unlimited payments on a single ticket.
  • Optional credit card integration.
  • Ad-hoc ticket / table names.
  • Hold and release items to control remote printing.

screenshot of open ticket

Order Routing  
Taking the customer's order is just the beginning. After the order is entered by the server, Dinerware goes to work sending the relevant information to all the right places.
  • Dinerware supports unlimited custom printers for Kitchen, Bar, Pizza, Hot Side, Cold Side, Wine Steward, and whatever else you need.
  • Any item may print on any combination of printers when it is ordered.
  • Choices can print at separate printers from their items. Send the Side Salad to the Cold Side printer automatically.
  • Items are not sent until all required Choices have been made.
  • Type a free-text Special Request for any item.
  • If a printer malfunctions, it’s easy to assign jobs to another printer temporarily.
  • Items are sorted by Item Group at the kitchen printer, so you will see Appetizers before Entrees.

screenshot of printer configuration

Dinerware has powerful menu management functions that allow you to easily customize to your needs. Our world-class design reduces many tasks that are tedious and error prone with our competitors to a few simple commands.
  • Unlimited items and choices.
  • No buttons to create. The order entry screens are created automatically.
  • Quick adjustments from any terminal, anytime.
  • Menu Items can appear in multiple places.
  • Unlimited Choices (aka Modifiers).
  • Choices can affect item price by fixed amount or percentage.
  • Use Item Groups to change the price of many items at once.
  • Flexible taxation and revenue class options.
  • Enter the cost of each item you sell for profit analysis.

menu entry screenshot

  dinerware main screen - open tickets

Business Policies  
Possibly the most important thing you can do to control the flow of product and money in your restaurant is to set effective business policy. With Dinerware, you can easily experiment with promotional strategies like happy hours and coupons to boost sales. Dinerware gives you the tools you need to effectively manage these aspects of your business.
  • Unlimited, custom Void reasons.
  • Create an unlimited number of custom discount types for:
    • gift certificates
    • coupons
    • promotions
    • employee perks
    • happy hours
  • Set up happy hours with a few mouse clicks, and turn them off the same way. Our competitors make you wrestle with an extremely complex and error-prone price schedule.

discount configuration screen in Dinerware

  reciept configuration screen

Dinerware has a flexible and detailed security system that lets you give your employees access to everything they need and nothing they don't.
  • All important management functions are available through any terminal, so your employees don't have to get into the office to use a different back office application as is necessary with our competition.
  • Assign each employee a unique PIN code required for access.
  • Quick Permissions allow a manager to enter their PIN code to give one-time access to any function.

employee loggin screen

Dinerware includes functions to track your labor costs and simplify your payroll.
  • Comprehensive employee database allows you to store important contact information and dates.
  • Create as many Jobs as you like.
  • Assign any number of Jobs to any Employee.
  • Assign individual pay rates for each Employee Job combination.
  • View and Edit individual time sheets as necessary.
  • Comprehensive labor reporting makes payroll a snap.
  • Dinerware records Tip information.

labor / timesheet editor

Dinerware includes an e-mail system so you can communicate with your employees more effectively.
  • Place any menu items onto the Fresh Sheet and set the quantity. Dinerware displays the list on the login screen, and on menu buttons so your staffs know what's running low.
  • Message of the Day appears on the login screen.
  • Send a message to one or more employees. Messages appear on the "Personal Page."
  • Restrict access to email functions.
  • Restrict access to broadcast messages.
  • A complete record of all messages is kept in the database.

employee personal page with messaging

The data collected by Dinerware will quickly become your most valuable business asset. We give you tools to effectively analyze your data and improve your bottom line.
  • All data generated is kept in the database forever. You can generate history reports for any period, going as far back as you want.
  • Instant, on-screen, daily sales and statistics are available at any time from any terminal, and print at the receipt printer.
    See the daily balance report for any server at any time. Servers can preview their own report at any time, and print it at the end of their shift.
  • The "Blind Bartender" option allows you to restrict certain jobs from being able to view their daily report.
    View any report, at any time, from any Workstation. Our competitors force you to use a cumbersome "back office" program.
  • Dinerware comes with dozens of useful reports, many with graphs.
  • Reporting is expandable and customizable.
  • It's your data. Access your information, live, from external applications like MS-Excel and Word. No export step is required.

Example Dinerware Report

Demand reliability. It's your business.
  • Dinerware is built on SQL database technology for mission-critical reliability.
  • Individual Workstation failure cannot hurt the system.
  • Dinerware can handle virtually unlimited terminals and volume by upgrading the primary server.
  • Use off-the-shelf tools such as SQL Server 2000 Pro to customize your own IT solutions.
  • See our Technology page for more information.



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