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Socal Hospitality has brought the power and flexibility of modern restaurant software to California. Created by former Microsoft software engineers, Dinerware utilizes today's software technologies, such as Microsoft SQL , to provide the utmost in data integrity and system stability. This means maximum up-time and near-zero system freezes or failures - even during the busiest times of operation.

Flexible & Available
Dinerware allows order entry and management functions at every workstation, alleviating bottle necks, and enabling mangers to stay up front while making changes to menus, adding employees, or changing any other settings.

Instant Response
All changes apply immediately to all workstations - no reboots, no configurations disks - simply make a change and go while your restaurant is operating.

Total Information
View dozens of customizable reports from any terminal at any time. Your restaurant's data, from the first day to the current open tickets, is always at your fingertips.

Ensure ALL of your employees receive the information you need them to hear using Dinerware's internal email. Message employees about new menu items, special dates, or other important information about your business.


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