No Support Contract Required!

We implement extremely reliable restaurant touchscreen systems. In turn, our customers operate for long periods of time with minimal support needed! This is why, unlike our competitors, we do not require you to purchase a support contract!

Choose the Support Plan That's Right For You
We will help you evaluate your support options so you can choose the most cost-effective strategy for your restaurant. Please take this into consideration when evaluating the total cost of ownership of Dinerware compared to other systems. You will likely save thousands of dollars in support costs during the first two years just by choosing Dinerware!

Timely, Professional Support
Whether on a support contract or not, we support all our customers with the same timely, professional support! Calls to our to our support team are handled 24/7.

90 Days Free Unlimited Support
Socal Hospitality has the experience and know-how to make your implemention as easy as possible. You can rest assured that you will never be left alone - especially at the beginning! Included with every new Hoosier Dinerware implementation is 90 days of unlimited support - FREE!

Remote Support
Many support issues can be solved remotely without the need to visit on-site. Through an internet connection we can remotely view and/or control your system, troubleshoot and fix the problem. This is the quickest and cheapest way for many issues to be resolved. This can be a great way, as well, to help us answer any questions you may have by allowing us to show you how to do something while we talk with you on the phone!

Equipment Replacement / Loaner Program
We only sell extremely reliable, commercial-grade hardware for our installations. If, however, any equipment needs replacement or repair, we will assist you in getting a replacement unit to you as soon as possible. We also offer and optional loaner program with 24-hour turnaround - contact us for more information.


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