Total Cost of Ownership

Dinerware is a breakthrough in Total Cost of Ownership. Superb ease-of-use, greater reliability, and advanced technology add up to a system that not only costs less to buy, it costs less to own in the long term.

For large operations, Dinerware offers less training, powerful management functions on the floor, totally open data access, unlimited capacity, fewer service and support requirements, and lower cost of installation.

For small operations, Dinerware means no more compromises between price and capability. You can replace your cash register with Dinerware and know that you have the absolute latest, most rock-solid technology, at a price you can afford.

If you are not convinced that POS can benefit your restaurant, read on...
A computer cannot manage your restaurant. Only you can do that. Dinerware gives you just the right combination of:

  • Flexibility
  • Control
  • Insightful information
  • Money-saving efficiency

These NAMES are presented to you in a very easy user interface, which means you will use them. All the bells and whistles are no good to you if they are too difficult to use.

In the restaurant business, the little things add up. Even if Dinerware saves you just a few dollars a day, your new POS system can pay for itself in less than a year.

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